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30 Pros And Cons Of Having A Baby

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One of the best experiences you can have in life is having a baby.

Many people find it impossible to imagine living without kids.

However, having babies has a lot of drawbacks as well.

The pros and cons of having children are thoroughly discussed in the sections that follow.

15 Pros Of Having A Baby

Pro: You May Find A Purpose In Life

You can discover a true purpose in life after becoming a parent, which is a significant benefit.

Many people simply do not understand the value of their time and do not perceive any point in doing anything at all.

Having a child, however, may help those individuals discover true meaning in their lives because they must take care of someone they genuinely care about and want to do everything possible to ensure that their child will have a good life.

Consequently, having a child may present a fantastic opportunity for those looking for true meaning and purpose in their lives.

Pro: Gaining Maturity

When a new family member joins, you frequently mature faster than before and experience rapid growth. Unless someone didn’t plan their pregnancy or isn’t emotionally or financially stable, this is true for everyone. Being able to care for and raise a baby requires maturity in thought because babies require constant care and attention from their parents.

Pro: Watching Children Grow Is Magical

The only cliche that is bigger than “I love my kids” is saying that watching them grow is a gift or a miracle. However, just because something is cliche doesn’t mean it isn’t true. It has been a blessing beyond my wildest dreams to watch my children mature before my eyes.

It feels like a new light is suddenly shining when a baby rolls over or sits up for the first time. A milestone worth commemorating is the first action or spoken word. I still watch a video of my youngest reading a book for the first time even though she can now read faster than I can.

Early childhood is not the end of the magic. My oldest is currently a teen. Last winter, he passed the test to get his driver’s license; I think I was more excited about it than he was. It is a privilege to observe and share every move and every second.

Pro: Baby May Show You A Different Perspective On The World

Your perspective on the world will change if you have a child.

Even though you may have thought those crying babies were quite annoying, having your own children may cause your perspective to change significantly. You will also be better able to appreciate how difficult it can be for parents to raise their children.

As a result, there is a good chance that you will mature considerably and develop a much broader perspective on life in general.

Pro: So Many Snuggles

Nothing can replace a good snuggle. Parents long to cling to their children, and babies yearn to cuddle with their parents. Even science suggests that cuddling is good for babies and their parents.

Once your babies start to grow, the cuddling doesn’t stop. Even though they might not always need to be hugged, they will still need to be cuddled when they are feeling any kind of emotion. Children give you big hugs regardless of your mood—happy, sad, excited, or scared. You’ll just have to take my word for it when I say that it never gets old.

Pro: You Have A Built-in Buddy

I adore spending time with my kids. At every age, they have been the most enjoyable. I cherished taking strolls through the park with them when they were young. Every insect, bird, and butterfly that came close would be met with oohs and aahs. The time we spent together was such a blessing.

Kids in elementary school form wonderful personalities. They are funny, imaginative, and genuinely nice people. A seven-year-old will bring you flowers and give you a hug if you’re having a bad day. Who wouldn’t want that around?

Teenagers are a handful, undoubtedly, but they’re also young adults who can communicate on a level that you sometimes need. I invited my son to accompany me on a shopping trip for olive oil two days ago. I didn’t think he would, but he agreed, so off we went to a specialty store where they only sell vinegar and olive oil.

Pro: You Can See The World Through Someone Else’s Eyes

When did you first see fireworks? the first time you tried chocolate, perhaps? You might not, but if your child does, you might be able to relive some of that. When they hear a lovely song or take in the scent of a fragrant rose, you can see the delight on their faces. It is breathtaking to view the world through young eyes.

It’s amazing to see the compassion and acceptance that young people have for one another. Suspicion and hatred are ingrained habits. I’ve been amazed by watching children and watching them try new things. I’ll give you an illustration.

My kids and I were shopping a few years back when they spotted a man with a very masculine appearance sporting a very traditionally feminine dress and heels.

They both gave the person confused looks before asking me why he was wearing a dress. I remarked that the wearer was doing what made them feel the most comfortable and that anyone could wear dresses if they so desired.

Pro: Experiencing Love

The majority of parents cite the birth of their first child as the most amazing event in their lives. This is due to the fact that it was the instant they understood how much they loved someone other than themselves.

Pro: There Are Tax Benefit

Although it may seem obnoxious, there are actually some significant tax benefits to having children. Although the tax laws are subject to annual change, parents in the US are entitled to thousands of dollars in tax credits just for having children.

Based on the age of the children and the parent’s income, parents will receive advanced child tax credits in 2021. In essence, you can receive a payment of up to $250 per month for each child as long as you are not already wealthy.

That might not seem like much, but when you’re paying for braces, dance lessons, and yet another lunchbox, you’ll be grateful to have it.

Prior to anything else, make sure you seek the advice of a qualified financial advisor to gain a better understanding of how you can structure your tax plan based on the circumstances of your family.

Second, even though having children has some positive tax advantages, you shouldn’t decide to have children purely for the sake of the advantages. The math is flawed.

Consider this more as a means of reducing the expense of raising a child.

Pro: Raising Children Helps You And Your Partner Become Closer

It must be acknowledged that this isn’t always the case. The presence of children won’t change the fact that some relationships simply weren’t meant to be. A couple who decides to have children in an effort to save their marriage is already doomed.

The opposite is also true: if your relationship with your partner is already solid, having a child will only serve to deepen it. With my husband and I, that is unquestionably the situation.

Before we got married, we were best friends. We shared the same aspirations for the future and were in complete agreement regarding our desire to have children. When it comes to the details of childcare, we don’t always agree, but we always manage to come to some sort of understanding.

The most amazing journey I could ever take is becoming a parent with my best friend. He makes being a mom simpler, and hopefully I contribute to making being a dad the joy it should be.

Pro: Children Help You Grow

When I turned 18, I left my parents’ house. I paid for my own college education. I worked both full- and part-time jobs to pay my own expenses. When I got married and bought a house, I really felt like an adult.

Paying a mortgage on a regular basis is the definition of adulthood.

The truth is, I didn’t really mature until I had kids. I had to act like a grownup when I had to take care of another life that was entirely dependent on me. I was no longer able to justify staying out late at clubs or leaving on a whim with my girlfriends for a road trip.

It’s true that some parents still long for their youth. As much as anyone, I adore a good finger painting. I do, however, now understand what it’s like to be a true adult. My children are responsible for my love of it.

Pro: We Need Babies To Sustain The Human Species

You might think about having children in addition to the advantages for you personally because human beings as a species need children to survive.

The human race would eventually go extinct if there were no babies.

Therefore, in order to ensure humanity’s continued existence on this planet, you might also want to support humanity by having children.

Pro: You May Become Less Selfish

Given that you have to share your resources with your family, it’s likely that you will gradually stop being as egotistical.

While in your youth and early adulthood you may have prioritized yourself, you may now be more charitable and less self-centered because you want to provide for your family and may even care more about them than yourself.

Pro: Your Child May Become Your Best Friend

There are some really great parent-child relationships, and occasionally parents will even say that they are like best friends with their kids.

For mother-daughter relationships in particular, this is true.

As a result, your relationship with your child will probably be much stronger than any other relationship you will ever have, which could provide you with a lot of emotional support throughout your life.

Pro: May Be The Right Thing To Do From A Social Perspective

A lot of people also have children because they believe it to be the right thing to do.

Many people feel a real pressure to conform to those social norms, and their parents or friends may try to convince them to have children.

It is debatable whether or not this is a good reason to have children, but having children may also give people the chance to become contributing members of society.


15 Cons Of Having A Baby

Con: Pregnancy Can Be Exhausting

The process of carrying a child can be very taxing, in addition to the exhaustion that comes with raising children.

Chances of birth complications are significantly higher for older women over thirty than for younger women, in particular.

Therefore, keep in mind that pregnancy is not always healthy, and even though the likelihood is relatively low, some mothers do pass away while giving birth.

Con: Having Babies Can Be Expensive

As we have previously seen, having children has a lot of benefits.

But there are numerous problems with it as well.

For example, one issue with having children is the high cost of raising a child.

The average American child costs over 200,000 USD, according to studies, and you will have to care for them for many years.

If you want to send your child to a reputable university, it might even be significantly more.

As a result, if you are thinking about starting a family right now, be sure you have the financial resources to support it. Raising children is expensive, and many parents grossly underestimate these costs.

Con: Sleep Will Never Be The Same

These days, I don’t sleep. At least I don’t sleep the same as I used to. I used to be able to lay my head down whenever I wanted and be out for the following eight hours before I had children. If my mother is correct, it won’t ever happen again. That hasn’t been the case in a while.

  • I consider my kids’ activities before I go to sleep.
  • Are they asleep yet?
  • Playing music in secret, perhaps?
  • Should I go see how they are?
  • Would that be a privacy violation for them?

Afterward, fears set in. I would often find myself dreaming about SIDS when they were younger. Now that they are older, I often lie awake at night contemplating my mistakes and wondering what I am doing wrong.

This obviously ignores the early stages, when getting any sleep is a fantasy. Until their children are past pre-school, parents are lucky if they can get an hour of uninterrupted sleep at a time between nightmares, diaper changes, teething, and late-night feedings.

Con: Alone Time Is Gone

You won’t ever be alone again, or at least not for a very long time. Before having children, I had heard this, but it was not until I had a complete breakdown in the shower that I truly understood how true it was.

I hadn’t taken a shower in two days, my toddler was banging on the door, and my baby was crying. Although I knew it wasn’t going to happen, I desperately needed some time away from the kids.

Infants are one thing, but my daughter would only nurse and would not take a bottle. All day long, I was chained to her.

The notion of allowing children to spend time alone as they get older intrigues me more. You can be sure that both of my kids will beg for my help if I need to use the restroom. The moment the kids need a mediator to settle their latest argument is if I sneak away to take a nap.

Con: Everyday Activities Take Twice As Long

I cannot emphasize this enough. Everything with kids takes at least two times as long as it should.

Do you have any memories of dressing up baby dolls when you were younger? Baby dolls aren’t like that in real life. You can dress them in adorable rompers because they won’t lie still. They fuss, turn, pull, and scream before pooping on anything you managed to get on them.

As they develop, it gets worse. Kids turn every change of clothing into a negotiation as soon as they form opinions about what they’re wearing.

Do you have to go somewhere? Make sure to allow plenty of extra time when planning.

Each child will inevitably need to use the restroom once they are in the car. They’ll then become preoccupied with whatever toy they left next to the bathtub, and you’ll have to haggle once more to get them back in the car.

Never mind meals; don’t even bring them up. My daughter typically eats her meals for one hour and forty-five minutes. She doesn’t have a picky palate. She simply isn’t in a rush. You’ll have a general idea of what it’s like to manage daily life with a child if you apply that to everything you do.

Con: Lower Level Of Flexibility

Generally speaking, your life will change significantly once you become a parent.

Given that you must constantly ensure that your child is cared for, you will lose a lot of flexibility.

Additionally, it won’t be as simple to change your career since you’ll need a lot of money to support your child and will frequently be forced to work at a job you detest despite having a strong desire to quit.

So, before choosing to have children, be sure to consider everything.

If you want to leave your job and launch your own business, you might decide to put it off a little longer.

Cons: Having Kids Can Be Exhausting

The fact that raising children can be very taxing is another drawback of having babies.

Many parents frequently gripe that their children consume all of their energy.

As a result, if you want to have children, make sure you have enough power because the amount of work you will have to do could easily overwhelm you.

Always keep in mind that in addition to managing your own life, you will also need to manage the life of someone who is unable to take care of themselves and who will depend on you for support 24 hours a day.

Con: Your Career May Suffer

Almost without exception, having children will hurt your career. Inconveniently, if you’re a woman, this is true even more. Even in today’s woke society, mothers are still expected to be the main caregivers.

Middle-aged mothers are frequently passed over for positions because employers are aware that they are the ones who are most likely to take personal days for childcare-related reasons. Because employers don’t want to deal with maternity leave, younger women may be passed over. Pretending it doesn’t happen won’t make it go away because it’s sexist and it stinks.

While the kids were still young, my husband and I decided that I should find a job that allowed me to work from home for the following reason: I had a job that paid money, while he had a profession he loved.

We made our decision based on what we found to be the most fulfilling, not how much money we were making. Fortunately, it turned out well for both of us. The work I’ve been doing for the past 15 years has given me passion, and my husband has received numerous promotions.

My experience is not the most typical. Women’s chances of advancement or growth are halted as they give up their careers to care for their children.

Con: You May Lose Your Motivation To Achieve Your Goals

When they were young, many people also had a variety of objectives.

However, once they had children, the majority of people gave up on those dreams because they simply didn’t have the time to pursue them any longer.

Therefore, even though it may sound difficult, having kids can keep you from fulfilling your life’s ambitions.

Con: No Guarantee That Your Kid Likes You

While it may sound difficult, there is no assurance that your child will regard what you are doing for him or her as valuable or even like you.

Some kids actually despise their parents and want to leave as soon as possible.

Additionally, there is a chance that your kid will have a personality disorder that will prevent them from bonding with you deeply.

There is therefore no assurance that the sacrifices you make for your child will ultimately be fruitful.

Con: Some Parents Don’t Know How To Raise Their Kids

Another drawback of having children is that some people actually have no idea how to raise them in a decent way.

With everything they need to do for their kids, many new parents are frequently overburdened, which leads to a lot of neglect, especially for children of new parents.

Therefore, wait to have children until you are positive that you are prepared for it.

Con: You Are In A Constant State Of Worry

The first time my daughter travels without me will be tomorrow. She will be so far away for the next five days that I can’t sleep with the thought of it.

Knowing that she will be a six-hour drive away with people who are not her parents makes me unsure of my ability to carry on with my life. I almost can’t handle the thought of having to go through this more frequently.

Not only are children away from home a source of ongoing concern. I also fear that as a parent, I am doing everything wrong.

  • Am I asking too much of them?
  • Not enough?
  • Should I advocate healthy eating for my daughter, or will this lead to an eating disorder in her?
  • Despite the fact that football has been shown to cause brain injuries, should I still let my son play?
  • Have I been too harsh or too forgiving?
  • What happens if they start abusing drugs or develop into mimes?

Concern is constant and never ends.

Con: Kids May Get On The Wrong Track

Your child’s continued progress is also not guaranteed.

Even if you put a lot of effort into raising your child to give him or her the best opportunities for a good life, your child may still associate with the wrong people as they get older and you won’t be able to stop them from using drugs or engaging in other activities that could have a negative impact on their lives.

Therefore, be aware that even though you work hard to keep your child on the right path, it might not be enough, and you might have to watch as they veer off without much ability to intervene.

Con: You May Lose Your Kid Under Tragic Circumstances

In the worst case scenario, tragic events could even cause you to lose your child when they are very young.

For instance, your children could be killed in a car accident.

The hardest thing a parent will ever go through is probably losing their child, which can happen in a variety of other accidents.

Many people will never be able to cope with such tragic events, so if you are one of those unfortunate people, be aware that having children may also mean experiencing intense emotional suffering.

Con: Travel Is Much Harder

Traveling with children can be very challenging. Due to the frequent bathroom stops and unavoidable motion sickness, road trips take longer. In the blink of an eye, an airline trip could turn sour.

Except for the fortunate few who can travel with a nanny, every activity must be family-friendly. It will be a while before there are any late-night gatherings or cocktail parties.

Having said that, I adore taking my children on vacation. Since having kids, I’ve never had more fun traveling. Every time we visit a new location, I enjoy introducing them to the world and watching their eyes light up with delight.

I would advise any parent who has reservations about taking their children on a trip to get out there as soon as you can. Before we started traveling with them, both of my kids were less than three months old.

They are content and at ease in a car, plane, train, or cruise ship because they travel frequently and early. Naturally, it may be challenging to introduce your children to travel in this manner if you lack the means to do so frequently.

Give them as many diverse experiences as you can in as many different settings.

Should You Have Babies?

There are a number of benefits and drawbacks to having children, as was demonstrated in the previous discussion.

Just like a glass of half-filled water, there are two ways to look at parenting. Both interpretations are acceptable. Babies are a blessing, and taking care of your adorable little one won’t make you feel overburdened or irresponsible. As clear from the pros and of having a baby, the upsides outweigh the drawbacks. In the majority of situations, parents who accept the challenges and have exceptional and memorable experiences when they welcome a new family member can say that.

In the end, it is up to you whether or not you want to become a parent.

As this will be one of your most significant life decisions, you should carefully weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a parent.

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