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How To Tell Grandma Not To Kiss Baby – 6 Simple Ways

How To Tell Grandma Not To Kiss Baby1
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Family members or relatives always want to express their love to your little angel when he enters this world. The most typical greeting, welcome, and expression of intense love that grandparents give to their young grandchild is a kiss.

However, if a baby is unknowingly carrying a disease, kissing them could be harmful. Under no circumstances should you allow your loved ones to kiss your baby to safeguard his health from potential illnesses.

Why Is Kissing A Baby Inappropriate?

How can I prevent Grandma from kissing my child? Most people have no problem sharing a kiss with someone who is older than they are. You can tell your grandmother that you are her granddaughter by kissing her on the cheek or forehead. Grandma’s kisses are acceptable. However, kissing your infant is not permitted. Never kiss your baby on the lips.

Baby pain could result from kissing. You risk hurting your baby if you don’t know how to kiss them properly. It’s acceptable to kiss babies, just not on the lips. Additionally, you ought to refrain from touching infants with your hands or lips. It may hurt them.

Babies should be treated as priceless gifts. Never put your finger on your child’s lips. You ought to only kiss them on the cheeks. Never give your baby a mouth kiss. Your infant might suffer from this. Your child could become ill if you kiss their lips.

Giving your infant a lip kiss could make them susceptible to a cold. Therefore, it is not advisable to kiss infants. It’s crucial to understand how to kiss your baby properly. You can watch videos online to learn the correct way to kiss a baby. You’ll gain knowledge of the proper baby kissing technique thanks to this. Thanks to this, you’ll learn how to kiss a baby properly.

Ways Tell Grandma Not To Kiss Baby

Be Open And Honest

It’s best to be open and honest when establishing rules for grandparents, especially if you will be speaking with your own parents or in-laws.

Make it clear why you don’t want your grandparents to kiss the baby and why, despite the fact that making this choice was one of the hardest things you’ve ever had to do, you think it’s the right one.

Show Grandparents The Facts

If you think you’re being overly sensitive, give your baby’s grandparents some books to read. There are a number of papers available that offer proof from doctors and other trustworthy sources.

Observe the rules and let them know that kissing your baby could make them sick. Despite the rarity of a baby contracting a serious infection like HSV-1, you should still take precautions.

Give your parents reliable scientific evidence to help them understand that you are not exaggerating if you are worried about upsetting them. Assure them that it will pass once your baby is more mature and has a more robust immune system.

They must wait for a few months. They can confidently and freely kiss your little one now that that difficult time is over.

Avoid Becoming Aggressive

It’s important for a grandmother to be aware that kissing a baby can make a child ill. Don’t be overly assertive when making this claim. When your child is a little older and their resistive structure has solidified, explain to her that this is only a temporary situation. You can then inform her that she should hold off for a few months before they can confidently kiss your child.

Tell your grandmother to follow medical advice and let her know that kissing can make your child ill. You can demonstrate to her how kissing your infant will harm its health.

Tell her that your kid can catch colds and infections from kissing other people’s kids. You should let her know that you don’t want her to kiss your child. By using some relatable examples, such as the fact that when your child has a cold, they might cough and sneeze, which can easily spread the cold virus to your child, you can demonstrate to her how kissing can result in illness.

Be Polite But Firm

Respectful communication is key when advising in-laws and grandparents that you need to establish some ground rules.

Let them know that you appreciate their involvement in your life and the life of your child and that you are not attempting to offend them, but that you must prioritize your child’s health. Attempt to be as polite as you can, but stick to your guns about your choice.

How To Tell Grandma Not To Kiss Baby

Tell Grandma That It Is Dangerous

A grandmother is one of the most treasured people in your life. You should be interested in what she thinks and does. If she kisses the baby, the child might get hurt. You must warn her that doing that could be dangerous. Inform her that the infant might suffocate or become ill due to bacteria. Inform her that covering the infant with a blanket would be much better.

Tell her you’re worried about germs and don’t want to get anything from the baby. She’ll respect you more and comprehend your stance better as a result of this.

Do Not Become Irritated

Try to be firm but not irritated when talking about it, even if some people think you are being overly protective of your child and making a scene.

Reassure your child’s grandparents that this no-kissing policy applies to all visitors and non-family members as well.

You can convince them that prevention is preferable to treatment because the majority of risks are not immediately apparent.

Can You Ask Your Grandmother To Refrain From Kissing Your Child?

How can I stop Grandma from kissing the baby? You can talk to your grandmother if you don’t like her kissing your child. If she is particularly close to your baby, this might be challenging. You can ask her to refrain from kissing your child on the mouth. The family may remain together as a result of this. If your grandma kisses your baby on the mouth, it might be challenging for both of you. Grandma won’t be able to kiss your child on the mouth, you can make sure of that.

Your baby will be able to breathe easily when you are holding him or her. If the grandmother keeps kissing your baby on the mouth, you’ll notice that the child’s breathing gets harder and harder. In this instance, the baby’s breathing will be impacted by the grandmother’s breath.

The baby may experience issues as a result. Grandma is the person to discuss this with. It is possible to request that she stop kissing your child. Grandma ought to regard you and your preferences.

The grandmother will accept proof that the baby’s parents are real. She will respect you more as a result. Another way to show your mother how much you care is by giving her a hug. This will motivate her to behave lovingly.

When Are Grandparents Allowed To Kiss A Baby?

It takes some time for an infant’s immune system to fully develop. The first six weeks are particularly important for infection prevention.

Your baby will need to be exposed to pathogens as he gets older in order to develop his immune system. The neonatal stage would not be the best time, though, as your infant’s immune systems are still growing.

His immune system begins to mature when your newborn is about three months old. As a result, once that time has passed, your grandparents might be able to kiss your child. Your child should be fully immunized and have a strong immune system.

Even if someone isn’t feeling well, you still need to warn them about the potential health risks of kissing a baby and prevent them from doing so. Even if they get a cold, it’s better to wait and have them come by when they are fully recovered.


Grandparents who are older and potentially mentally declining might believe it is perfectly safe to watch the children. However, your children won’t feel safe staying alone with them if they frequently forget things or are unable to handle even simple tasks.

They might not be able to stop a misbehaving child or discipline them properly if they are not mentally capable of babysitting. It’s crucial to have structure and rules even at the grandparents’ house, but elderly grandparents might not be able to enforce them.

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