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Why Do Babies Start Crying As Soon As You Sit Down?

How To Make Baby Stop Crying When You Sit Down
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Newborns hate you to sit down. They’re like little drill sergeants, forcing new parents to stand upright or marching up and down the living room to get them to stop kicking and crying. But why do babies cry when they are put down? How does it affect the baby if you stand or sit?

Why Baby Won’t Let Me Sit Down? 

Why Baby Won’t Let Me Sit Down? 

Babies cry or scream every time they sit down. So why won’t my child let me sit down? Simply put, it’s because they don’t feel safe.

Crying, screaming, and voluntary movements are signals that babies tell their parents about their feelings.

Here are two ways to explain this situation in depth.

  • About psychology

Millions of years ago, humans were not as developed and crowded as they are today. In addition, humans faced many threats from predators at that time.

Therefore, sitting down is considered reckless and potentially dangerous behavior, which may reduce the odds of survival.

Therefore, it has become part of human instinct, especially in infants. Whenever parents stop and sit down, they feel insecure. Screaming and crying were their reactions to the move.

  • About Physiology

According to a 2013 study in Current Biology, some researchers looked at the heart rates of 12 children under three different conditions:

  • when their parents sit with them
  • when they were left in the crib
  • when parents stand up and hold them

Newborns’ heart rates were greatly reduced, and they were noticeably calmer when their parents stood and held them.

More research also shows that babies stop crying when they are picked up. Therefore, these data suggest that infants can be more behaviorally and physically relaxed while carrying.

Why Does The Baby Only Want Mom To Hold Her?

A baby who just wants mom to hold her might be familiar with mom’s scent.

This is because babies are cared for and fed by their mothers every day. Also, this is because they are familiar with being a fetus in the mother’s womb.

So if you want other people to hold your baby, have them wear your clothes over them.

How To Make Baby Stop Crying When You Sit Down

How To Make Baby Stop Crying When You Sit Down

After your answer, why does my baby cry every time I let her down? , let’s find a way to stop your child from crying and screaming when you sit down.

  • Flank position

Experts say babies who sleep on their stomachs sleep longer and are less sensitive to noise.

Additionally, putting a newborn on their stomach can initiate a soothing process that calms their nervous system.

So lay your baby on their stomach or side, across your shoulder, or on your forearm, with one hand supporting the child’s head.

However, there is a major disadvantage: Sleeping your baby in this position increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

  • Make a “shh” sound

When you’re pregnant, you may not know that your baby hears many different sounds in the womb. E.g:

  • digestive system noise
  • The sound that the circulatory system makes when it works.
  • The rhythm of your in and out
  • the constant outside buzz

While making hiss, you can mimic the mix of noises babies are used to.

Therefore, it can change the baby’s heartbeat and improve the baby’s sleeping habits. This way, your baby can become more relaxed and calm down quickly.

Don’t turn the volume down. This is because your baby will calm down quickly if you make a loud “shh” sound for a long time. In short, the volume of shushing should be the same as a baby’s cry. Just cut back on your booing when they start to cool.

Bring the mouth close to the baby’s ear to let the sound in immediately.

  • Swing

When your baby isn’t standing and crying, one of the best ways to calm them down is through exercise. Shaking a child is a common method.

How to make the perfect swing to soothe a fussy baby:

Use fast swinging steps when your baby is screaming and crying.

Then, if they become calm, slow down.

Remember, never shake your child, as this can affect their brain and even lead to death.

  • Meet your baby’s needs

Sometimes babies cry not just because you sit down, but to tell you what they need.

So, don’t keep asking: Why is my child only happy when I’m standing? ! Instead, if you’ve tried some of the above and they don’t work, find what your baby needs.

Here are some childcare recommendations:

  • Check your child’s diaper. If it’s dirty, replace it properly to make sure your baby feels dry and comfortable.
  • Every baby will cry when hungry. So feeding them is also another way to make them stop screaming. However, remember to pat them on the burp back.

If they cry all the time, they may want to release the accumulated gas. So, you need to ride their legs to support them to release the gas.


Baby won’t let me sit down, why? In conclusion, this is due to their insecurities and some physiological responses. A crying baby is always frustrating.

So you can apply methods such as hissing, swinging, putting babies on their tummies, and finding what they need.

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