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About Us

The website My Babys Amazing is devoted to all mothers, their daily concerns, stresses, experiences, and potential solutions that they encounter before, during, and after pregnancy. I had a ton of pregnancy-related questions when I became a mother, as well as a ton of questions after giving birth or as I was raising my toddler. I observed that many questions had their own answers. Friends, many of the best solutions can be found at home. Trust me on this. Also, I am aware that as mothers, we do not want to administer medication for every ailment.

Friends, let me tell you that becoming a mother is a journey and an experience that we can feel but cannot fully describe. I’m confident that you’ll all concur. I had a lot of questions during my pregnancy, including what to eat and what to avoid, what is safe for my unborn child, whether I could go to work every day, how to buckle my seatbelt, and how far I could travel for business. We all have similar questions, and there are many answers to these questions, but we don’t know which one to believe, I discovered after meeting so many mothers and expectant mothers. I told my family and friends about it, and they concurred that my suggestions were very helpful. They advised me to tell everyone about my experience, so I considered starting this website (My Babys Amazing) and sharing my and my friends’ stories with everyone.

I share my mommy-related thoughts and experiences on this site, My Babys Amazing. I came to the realization that there wasn’t enough information available about the actual issues parents face in their day-to-day parenting to provide my child with the best life and upbringing.