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The 10 Best Baby Monitors Without Wi-Fi In 2023

11. The 10 Best Baby Monitors Without Wi-Fi
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When you aren’t present in the same room as your baby but still want to keep an eye on them, baby monitors can be a great tool. You can now choose between monitors that use wi-fi to update themselves and ones that don’t. For the top baby monitors without wifi in 2023, keep reading!

A baby monitor without wifi has the benefit of not requiring an internet connection in order to be used. These are particularly useful if you need a camera you can use easily while traveling or don’t have access to reliable internet.

This list, which I made while searching, has just been updated for 2023. Discover some of the top baby monitors without Wi-Fi in 2023 by reading on!

Best Baby Monitors Without Wi-Fi Overview

  • The Overall Best Baby Monitor Without Wi-Fi: Eufy Security SpaceView Pro
  • Best Night Vision Baby Monitor: MoonyBaby Trust 30
  • Best Simple Monitor For A Great Price: Anmeate Baby Monitor
  • The Best Baby Monitor For Twins Or Multiple Children: Bonoch Baby Monitor
  • Best Video Screen: Papalook BM1 Baby Monitor
  • Best For Travel: Infant Optics DXR-8
  • Best Range: Panasonic Baby Monitor
  • Best Big Screen Budget: Motorola VM75
  • Conico Baby Monitor
  • Simyke Video Baby Monitor

The 10 Best Baby Monitors Without Wi-Fi

The Overall Best Baby Monitor Without Wi-Fi: Eufy Security SpaceView Pro

1. Eufy Security SpaceView Pro

Pros: VOX mode, large HD screen, a battery life of up to 15 hours when used in power-saving mode,wide field of view, wide angle lens included, wall mount included, can pair up to 4 cameras

Cons: No optical zoom

The best baby monitor without Wi-Fi is a fan favorite on with over 5,000 reviews on Amazon. Customers adore it for its dependability, high-definition picture quality, night vision, battery life (seven hours with the screen on, 15 hours in power-saving mode), and VOX sleep mode’s adjustable threshold for when to wake you up. The wide field of view and ability to tilt the lens 110 degrees to view from floor to ceiling, as well as pan the lens 330 degrees, are both fantastic features of this camera. It is simple to clearly always keep an eye on baby thanks to the large 5-inch screen. This option also includes five lullabies and a temperature monitor.

Best Night Vision Baby Monitor: MoonyBaby Trust 30

2. MoonyBaby Trust 30

Pros: Noise cancellation technology, large HD screen, optical zoomwith this list’s highest degree of zoom, can pair up to 4 cameras, sound-activated LED bar, replaceable battery, a battery life of up to 15 hours when used in power-saving mode

Cons: No voice-activated VOX mode, wide angle lens sold separately, no lullabies

With almost 5,000 reviews and a near-perfect 4.8-star rating, the Infant Optics DXR-8 PRO baby monitor is one of the best-rated baby monitors without Wi-Fi on Amazon. Parents gush about the superior infrared night vision, which, according to them, is invisible in the baby’s room but enables them to see their baby breathing — even in a completely dark room — on the large 5-inch screen. The camera has the highest level of zoom of all of our picks—up to six times between the digital and optical zoom—and can pan and tilt remotely from the parent unit.

Another distinctive feature is the noise-reduction technology, which blocks out background noise in a baby’s room like a sound machine or fan running but picks up baby coughs, sighs, and sneezes. The monitor is simple to set up, and you can even buy a wide-angle lens separately that enables you to monitor a panoramic view, which is ideal for watching over play areas and kids playing. The time and room temperature are also shown on the monitor.

Best Simple Monitor for a Great Price: Anmeate Baby Monitor

3. Anmeate Baby Monitor

Pros: Highly rated, can be expanded to four cameras

Cons: Resolution isn’t HD, battery life is on the shorter side

This highly regarded baby monitor is so well-liked that it has received over 20,000 reviews. Although the ANMEATE baby monitor is simpler, it still has many essential features for new parents, such as two-way talk, two-times digital zoom, temperature monitoring, and lullabies. The parent unit can operate for up to eight hours thanks to the voice-activated, battery-saving eco-mode (this brand’s take on VOX mode). It can be used with up to three additional cameras to cover multiple children or different areas of your child’s room or your home, and it has manual and digital panning capabilities to help you get your baby exactly in the frame.

The Best Baby Monitor for Twins Or Multiple Children: Bonoch Baby Monitor

4. Bonoch Baby Monitor

Pros: Large HD screen, long-lasting battery up to 22 hours in VOX mode, expandable to 4 cameras, wall mount included

Cons: No option for a wide angle lens

With a lot of features and a high-end feel, the bonoch split screen baby monitor is a fantastic value. The 5-inch high-definition screen can be used with up to four cameras (additional cameras are sold separately), and it features a special split-screen mode that lets you view several rooms at once or individually in a cycle. The wall-mountable camera has a room temperature sensor and can be remotely controlled to pan, tilt, and zoom (pans 355 degrees, tilts 120 degrees). It also has the ability to alert you when the temperature in your baby’s room deviates from the settings you have set. With three sound sensitivity levels, the voice-activated VOX mode on this pick can last up to 22 hours, and the screen-on mode can last up to 8 hours.

Best Video Screen Baby Monitor: Papalook BM1 Baby Monitor

5. Papalook BM1 Baby Monitor


  • Excellent video clarity
  • 8 lullaby options
  • Child-friendly camera design
  • Can be used with TF card up to 256 GB
  • Pans 355 degrees and tilts 160 degrees


  • Unclear where to purchase additional cameras
  • Declining battery life
  • Longest lag time when turning on parent monitor
  • Does not come with wall mounting hardware

Best For: Parents who desire lullabies and two-way talk in addition to exceptional video clarity.

Why We Chose It: One of the best video feeds of any monitor on our list is provided by the Papalook BM1 Baby Monitor, which is comparable to many expensive WiFi monitors like the Nanit. This monitor can be used to keep an eye on both a toddler who is playing and a baby who is sleeping thanks to its wide-angle lens and smooth panning and tilting.

The video clarity of the BM1 grabbed us immediately, making it easy to see details even in the dark thanks to the parent monitors’ large HD 1080P LCD 5″ screen. The BM1 has one of the sharpest resolutions among baby monitors without WiFi that we’ve ever seen. A wide-angle lens that can pan 355 degrees and tilt 160 degrees is also included, in addition to a 2x digital zoom. It is simple to navigate and customize the menu interface.

The BM1 has a number of helpful features, including two-way talk, sleep mode with only audio playing, and the ability to hold a TF card up to 256 GB, in addition to its impressive video clarity. The parent monitor is small and light, and despite being a little large to fit in a pocket, it’s still simple to move from room to room.

Best Baby Monitor for Travel: Infant Optics DXR-8

6. Infant Optics DXR-8


  • Lightweight, compact monitor
  • Pan and tilt functions are smooth and responsive
  • Invisible IR night vision
  • Sound-activated LED bar
  • Excellent battery life


  • Interchangeable lens means choosing between zoom or wide-angle
  • Slight noise emitted when using the pan and tilt functions
  • Video quality is not as sharp as other cameras
  • 700-foot range is the shortest on our list

Best For: Parents seeking a portable, cost-effective, and robust camera body and parent monitor.

Why We Chose It: Due to its longevity and fluid panning, the Infant Optics DXR-8 baby monitor consistently ranks at the top of best-of lists.

Even though we’ve discussed the numerous ways in which the Infant Optics DXR-8 PRO is an upgrade over its predecessor, the Infant Optics DXR-8 is still an excellent choice, particularly for parents who want to spend a little less or need a parent monitor that is portable and suitable for travel.

As the Terminator of baby monitors, the Infant Optics DXR-8 was the first camera I used with my oldest. Although Infant Optics does not promote the DXR-8 as a monitor that can or should be dropped, in my personal experience, it has been dropped a LOT and is still functioning normally even after years of (ab)use.

Finding the ideal setting for any situation is simple with the DXR-8’s numerous options. In addition to the standard audio and video feed, users can choose to use the device in sleep mode, which turns off the screen but leaves the audio on to conserve battery. When a sound alerts the parents, they can turn off the audio and check the LED noise indicator (green: everything is fine, red: loud noise, baby is probably crying) to see if their child needs help. This feature is present in both Infant Optics and can be very beneficial. Taking a call while working from home As long as the LED noise indicator is lit, you can disable the audio and screen while keeping an eye on your child.

If you want to install cameras in various rooms or homes to monitor several children, for example, wall mounting a The DXR-8 camera can accommodate up to four cameras, making it ideal for use in the nursery at home, as well as the nursery at the grandparents’ home.

Best Range Baby Monitor: Panasonic Baby Monitor

7. Panasonic Baby Monitor


  • Excellent long-range connectivity up to 1500 feet
  • Motion, temperature, and sound alerts can be customized
  • LED sound indicator
  • Soundscapes included
  • Small size ideal for travel


  • Only five hours of battery life with continuous use
  • Second smallest screen on our list after Infant Optics DXR-8
  • Sound quality is low

Best For: Parents seeking a monitor with a very long range.

Why We Chose It: The most reputable brands in technology include Panasonic. We like that the parent monitor has an LED sound indicator, which is a great feature for parents who want to monitor their baby even when the sound and audio are off, and that the camera has an extended range.

Unlike most monitors on our list which have a range of between 700 to 1000 feet, the Panasonic boasts an impressive 1500-foot range, making it an excellent option for travel, large homes, or parents who like to be in their back or front yard while baby sleeps. While we are unsure of the exact distance we were from the camera when we tested the Panasonic, it did so the furthest of all the parent monitors on our list.

For babies who sleep and play, the Panasonic is a good option. The parent monitor has two-way talk, four arrows, and the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom, and the night vision camera produces images of good quality.

Parents will be informed of changes in movement, temperature, and sound by the Panasonic thanks to user-customizable alert sensitivity settings. Additionally, parents can connect up to four cameras to the same monitor. The Panasonic’s LED noise indicator is another feature we appreciate. The LED light strip on the top of the parent monitor will light up to alert parents to their baby making noise even if the sound and video feed are off.

Best Baby Monitor for Big Screen Budget: Motorola VM75

8. Motorola VM75


  • Affordable
  • LED sound indicator
  • Long range connectivity
  • Smooth panning and tilting
  • Loud volume


  • Video quality is lacking
  • Buttons on parent monitor are not intuitive
  • Poor zoom

Best For: Parents who use a parent monitor with a big screen but want to cut costs.

Why We Chose It: The VM75 is equipped with a sizable 5″ LCD screen, a strong 1,000-foot range, and the ability to provide a split-screen view when used with two cameras.

Customers who want a large screen on their parent monitor but would like to keep the cost closer to $100 have a midpoint option in the Motorola VM75. Parents will value the VM75’s many standard features, which include two-way talk, temperature monitoring, and an impressive range of almost 1,000 feet.

We appreciate the VM75’s addition of an LED sound indicator along the parent monitor’s side, which, as we’ve already mentioned, is a practical feature. On the parent monitor, along with signal strength, the VM75 shows the room temperature, battery life, and.

Even though they didn’t cover as much space as other monitors on our list, the panning and tilting functions were fairly responsive and smooth. The VM75 had one of the loudest speakers on our list for parents who want a monitor they can hear from across the room or across the house.

Unfortunately, the VM75 parent monitor’s controls are unintuitive and feel clumsy. It is simple to forget which direction to use the up and down or side to side arrows to access the volume and brightness controls. This is annoying because these are controls that parents will probably need to use quickly, such as when a baby cries and the parents want to quickly lower the volume before checking on their child.

Conico Baby Monitor

9. Conico Baby Monitor


  • Feeding reminder
  • Long-distance transmission range of up to 980 ft
  • Long battery life
  • Features infrared night vision


  • The lullaby cannot be adjusted in volume.

Parents who want to monitor their infants’ safety and comfort should opt for the Conico Baby Monitor. It captures even the tiniest sounds and movements and transmits a clear picture of your children to you from their crib. Due to the lack of WiFi or any complicated apps, setup is incredibly simple. It has a sizable screen that offers a wider view of the space. To adjust the view, one can pan, tilt, or rotate. The convenient bracket at the back of this baby monitor, which lacks WiFi, makes placement simple. The device’s built-in lullabies make sure your child has a restful night’s sleep while also keeping an eye on the room’s temperature and making sure it’s cozy in there. You can view your child from a variety of convenient angles thanks to the improved capability of this two-way baby monitor to connect 4 cameras simultaneously. The sound quality is excellent, the picture is clear, and the alarm filter has a soft sound.

Simyke Video Baby Monitor

10. Simyke Video Baby Monitor


  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Night vision
  • Brightness and volume adjustment
  • Wireless connection
  • Baby feeding alarm setting
  • Clear video quality


  • The volume might seem a little low to some.

The Simyke Baby Monitor, a proud recipient of the Mom’s Choice Award, has a high-definition user interface and a portable design. With innovative features like lullaby playing for easy sleep, two-way audio for comforting your baby when they’re upset, temperature control for a comfortable environment, and infrared night vision, the brand is undoubtedly a pioneer in developing effective baby monitors. In order to keep an eye on your child, you can place it in various rooms and pair it with 4 child unit cameras. Additionally, it can be mounted on a wall and set down on a table, baby carriage, etc. Its lithium battery has an 8-hour VOX runtime and an 8-hour screen-on runtime. It covers a wide area, and the images are transmitted instantly.

Why Choose Non-WiFi Baby Monitors

There are a few reasons why parents and other caregivers might prefer non-WiFi baby monitors to hybrid or WiFi-only models. The biggest advantage of non-wifi baby monitors is that they safeguard your privacy.

Security: Parents can feel secure knowing that their children’s personal feed can’t be hacked by choosing a non-WiFi monitor. The monitors on our list use secure FHSS (Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum) wireless transmission, so no one can see your baby and the parent monitor is less likely to experience interference from other electronics in your home.

Price: Price-wise, non-WiFi monitors are typically less expensive than WiFi-only monitors and are comparable to or less expensive than hybrid monitors.

Portability: These monitors are excellent for travel or for people who live in an area with a spotty WiFi signal because they don’t need one to function.

Ease of Use: Plug-and-play configurations on non-WiFi monitors make it quick and easy to connect your baby’s camera and begin monitoring them right away. This is excellent for grandparents who may not be technologically savvy as well as for exhausted parents. Since there are no apps to download, your phone’s battery won’t be depleted while a video feed of your child is being streamed. A babysitter or other caregiver can easily take over the parent monitor if you are not using your phone to keep an eye on your child.

Features to Look for in the Best Baby Monitors Without Wi-Fi

  • VOX Mode: When your baby is quiet, this feature puts the parent unit into sleep mode and wakes it up when sound levels (which may be adjustable on some models) rise.) By not broadcasting every wiggle, shuffle, and snore, it preserves battery life and allows you to unwind.
  • Screen: Look for a minimum of 720p for a high-definition view on the screen. A baby monitor with 480p resolution is considered standard resolution and can still give a clear view of the baby.
  • Battery Life: Depending on the model, you’ll get anywhere between four and almost 30 hours between charges.
  • Zoom: Our top picks for baby monitors without Wi-Fi all have a zoom feature, but the majority use digital zoom, which enlarges the image at the expense of image quality.Nowadays, it is more difficult to find models with physical or optical zoom, but when you do, you’ll benefit from a clearer image when zoomed in.
  • Pan/Tilt: Parents can modify the camera’s field of view and angle from a distance with a few models. This is beneficial if you’re keeping an eye on a child in a playroom, for instance, but less important if you’re mounting the camera over a crib.
  • Multiple Cameras: The majority of the products we recommended allow you to add more cameras to keep an eye on more kids, areas, or even angles of the same room. The majority let you manually change between cameras and can be programmed to do so.
  • Temperature Monitoring: Although many models have a tendency to be several degrees off, according to parent reviews on Amazon, this feature is useful in the colder and warmer months.
  • Two-Way Talk Mode: Some parents make use of this feature to comfort their infant. Other babies find the voice strange or upset that you aren’t there.
  • Lullabies: Your baby can fall asleep with the aid of soothing music, which also helps to block out outside noise. The majority of models have one or even five lullabies.

No matter which features are most important to you, you’ll find the best baby monitor without Wi-Fi for your baby and home in the list below.

Final Thoughts on the Best Baby Monitor Without Wifi

These were only a few of the top wifi-free baby monitors available. New parents may feel overwhelmed when shopping for a baby monitor, but don’t give up hope! Beginning with the consideration of your top priorities, move on.

We sought out the best baby monitor without wifi that was also reasonably priced for our family. On the basis of a price cap that we established, we conducted extensive research.

Night vision, two-way communication, and crying detection are just a few features that may be important to you and your family and are only available on certain types of baby monitors. To avoid future dissatisfaction, make sure the one you select has the features you genuinely desire.

FAQs When Choosing a Baby Monitor

Do you still have concerns about picking a baby monitor? Here are a few of the most typical queries.

What Should I Look for in a Baby Monitor?

There are a LOT of potential features for baby monitors on the market today. The ones that we recommend you look for are:

  • a video baby monitor that allows you to clearly SEE what’s happening with the baby and in the baby’s room.
  • To use it to visually check on your baby at night, it must have night vision mode.
  • A rechargeable battery for at least the parent unit
  • A smart unit that will turn on when baby is crying to make it easier for you to monitor

Other important features that are “nice to haves” are a temperature sensor, additional cameras, a portable baby monitor (if you want to easily take it with you when traveling), a wide angle lens, and a light notification.

At What Point Do You Need a Baby Monitor?

From the moment you bring your newborn home until they are toddlers, you need a baby monitor. When their toddlers still have trouble falling asleep, many parents decide to keep an eye on them.

If you decide to install a baby monitor, make sure to do so in a way that will keep the child safe while they are sleeping. For example, make sure there are no cords or wires hanging from the ceiling and that the cameras are mounted so they are out of the child’s possible reach.

What Baby Monitors Do Not Use WiFi?

Except for the Lollipop Baby Camera and the Blink Mini Indoor Cameras, none of the baby monitors on this list use WiFi. Other than that, they are all wifi-free video baby monitors.

A good video baby monitor can be found without a wifi option.

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