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How To Keep The Baby’s Room Smelling Fresh? (15 Easy Ways)

Baby's Room
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Your baby’s room is adorable and cozy, how to keep it smelling fresh? A baby’s room occasionally smelling bad is completely normal. They do require frequent diaper changes, after all. However, the smell need not linger forever! Keep reading to learn more about how to maintain a baby’s room’s pleasant scent. We have the best and simplest methods.

Let’s take a look at all the various ways in this article to give your baby’s room a pleasant scent.

Are Fresh Smells Always Beneficial For My Baby?

You must first distinguish between good and bad. Odor is the smell that disturbs you, and anything or anyone that disturbs you is undoubtedly a bad sign.

On the other hand, the smell suggests the delightful fragrance that can astound you.

Effects Of Odor On Babies

Natural unplanned sources, like flowers, plants, animals, etc., produce odors. Additionally, both our private and public substances contribute to the smell. But given all the factors, the smell cannot be good for your baby.

You’re smelling something that is going completely against the direction. It may be caused by debris, damp clothing, spoiled leftover food, etc. Consider whether or not those sources are safe for your baby.

Your baby’s health may suffer greatly as a result of odor. Since odor emanates from a negative source in our room, viruses, bacteria, and other flu-related illnesses are carried by it.

The odor contains some chemicals that can irritate your baby’s eyes, nose, throat, and lungs as well as their dead skin and sensitive skin.

Additionally, it can give your baby a burning sensation that results in breathing difficulties, coughing, and wheezing in infants, which is extremely dangerous even to consider.

Effects Of Good Smell On Babies

There is no other choice besides making the baby’s room smell nice and making sure the air is clean. Even if I stop talking about all those illnesses, your baby still needs a clean, pleasant smell in his room. Wonder why?

In any case, babies continue to grow quickly, and as a result, their sense of smell continues to develop daily. Then, their ability to smell will aid in the development of both of their other senses, including vision and taste. Your baby’s development, therefore, depends greatly on his ability to smell.

Therefore, there can be no debate about how your baby’s room smells. To encourage your child’s self-development, make an effort to keep his room tidy and odor-free at all times.

What Causes Odors In The Baby’s Room?

You can cite a variety of causes for the unpleasant odor in your baby’s room.  I’ll list some of the major factors, but not all of them will be of interest to you. Recognize which one is your concern to focus on, if the baby’s room smells musty-

Keeping The Baby’s Dirty Laundry Unwashed

If you keep your baby’s clothes unwashed for an extended period of time, it is one of the most frequent causes of odor in the nursery. Baby blankets, baby crib sheets, baby towels, etc. are examples of clothing.

Your baby’s soiled diaper can also smell bad. Because of this, you must be cautious when it comes to the newborn’s diaper and the smell of their soiled diaper. It’s because a smelly diaper can hinder your baby’s ability to develop their sense of smell.

Quickly, the foul smell from the dirty laundry spread. Furthermore, it breeds bacteria and other dangerous germs that are absolutely harmful to your baby.

Additionally, the baby’s room will smell bad if you leave the toys and other baby supplies unwashed. Additionally, if your baby powder doesn’t smell fresh, occasionally your baby will too.

Wet Carpets And Bedding

Many things can cause the carpet and bedding in your baby’s room to be wet. Again, perhaps you left some water if your baby urinated or defecated on them. Additionally, the carpet may begin to smell from these minor mishaps.

You might not always be aware of the timing and manner of the carpet or bedding getting wet, though. Again, the room will smell bad if the carpets or bedding get wet.

You now need to frequently dry the carpet and the bedding outside in the sun. The germs, bacteria, and smell will all be destroyed by the sunlight.

Using The Same Cloth-wear

The majority of parents wear the same outfit from morning to night. Moreover, odor in your baby’s room is a major concern. Therefore, even if their clothes are not wet or dirty, you must change them at least once a day. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t wear those same clothes until you’ve washed them.

Unclean Bed Sheets

The room will smell the worst if you don’t frequently enough change your baby’s sheets. In addition to that, using dirty sheets can lead to a number of skin conditions.

Health professionals advise washing the baby’s bed sheet at least once per week as a result. Your infant will be protected from viruses, bacteria, and all those harmful diseases thanks to it.

Sluggish Air

Slow-moving air in the baby’s room prevents airborne contaminants like dust, tobacco smoke, mold spores, and other contaminants from leaving the baby’s clothes. Particularly on hot, muggy days, it occurs. Therefore, unless there is adequate ventilation, the air in your baby’s room will remain stagnant.


You are erroneously assuming that the empty box, pot, or drinks won’t emit a foul odor. Even when the containers are empty, bacteria can still be easily created by old drink cans, food containers, spills, and stains. Additionally, these bacteria give off a smell in the baby’s room. Avoiding bringing food into the room will therefore be a good habit.

Dirty Floor

Another frequent cause of a bad odor in the nursery is a dirty floor. If you don’t regularly sweep up the floor debris and sanitize it, the room will smell dirty. Additionally, your baby’s health risk may be increased by the dirty floor.


Dust is the culmination of all the unpleasant things like dander, insect droppings, dead skin, and so forth. Therefore, dust does more than just make the space appear dirty; it also degrades the air quality, which makes the space where your baby sleeps smell bad.

Baby's Room

How To Freshen The Smell In Your Baby’s Room?

If you’re sick of entering the room and smelling something icky, here are 15 suggestions to improve the smell of your baby’s nursery!

Open The Windows

Keep the windows open as much as possible to ensure that the nursery for your child is properly ventilated. Simply ensure that your baby isn’t in a draft and keep an eye on the room’s temperature to ensure that they aren’t getting too cold.

Take Out The Rubbish

Doesn’t that sound easy? Although it may be tempting to completely fill the diaper pail before emptying it, eventually some odors will inevitably leak out. In order to prevent lingering poop and urine smells from filling your baby’s nursery, try to empty it at least once per day.

Use A Diaper Pail

Utilizing a diaper pail is an additional critical step in making your baby’s room smell fresh. You can use a diaper pail, a piece of equipment specially made for the purpose, to keep the smell of used diapers after your baby is done with them. It is simple to open and designed to keep the smell inside. It can be challenging to determine which type of diaper pail you require because there are so many different types. Finding the ideal one for your needs is crucial. Get a diaper pail that is portable if you have small children.

Don’t Bring Food

It may be difficult to remove the odor from your baby’s room if it smells bad. Never eating food in the room is a crucial step in keeping it smelling fresh. Don’t eat in the room, even if you are awake all night with the baby.

There is a chance that the odor will spread and make your baby ill. Open the windows and air out the room to get rid of the odor as well.

Change Baby In Another Room

Change them somewhere else if there are any unpleasant smells in your baby’s room. This might be a choice for you if your home is reasonably large. Simply place the diaper pail, changing table, and related items somewhere other than the baby’s nursery.

Properly Seal Dirty Diapers In A Bag

Before disposing of dirty diapers in the trash or a diaper pail, make sure they are properly sealed in a bag. While it may be tempting to skip this step while also changing your baby, it’s important to ensure that the diaper is properly sealed to prevent odor-causing air leaks. To disguise the smell of poop and urine, you can purchase diaper sacks with a pleasant scent.

No Baby Bottle Near Bed Sheets

Avoid letting your baby drink from a bottle close to the bed sheets while keeping mum and dad away from the nursery. A sour smell will quickly develop in your baby’s nursery if any small milk spills on the bed sheets. When your baby gets older, you should also avoid giving them a bottle before bed because it can result in tooth decay.

Put Dirty Diapers Outside

You are not required to place your child’s diaper pail next to the changing table in the nursery. Place it elsewhere, preferably someplace with good ventilation.

Use A Natural Deodorizer

You can eliminate unpleasant odors by misting the space with a natural deodorizer. You can buy charcoal bags made from bamboo that last a long time if you’d prefer not to spray anything.

Add Some Oil To The Diaper Pail

A mother from Seattle, Washington, provided this helpful advice. Apply a few drops of tea tree oil with a wipe to the diaper pail’s bottom. It lasts for a while and gives off a much fresher and cleaner scent.

Fabric Softener Sheets Under Changing Pad

In spite of your best efforts, the changing table and pad sometimes have a bad smell. To make the space smell better, tuck a few fabric softener sheets under the changing pad. Another option is to put one beneath the diaper pail.

Use A Mattress Cover

Depending on the material, any spills or accidents that happen close to a mattress may cause issues. Use a mattress cover to shield the mattress from any liquids that might permeate it and leave an unpleasant odor that may be difficult to get rid of. It can be very difficult to clean mattresses once they have become dirty.

Wash Sheets More Frequently

Your baby will quickly pick up some unpleasant odors even if they do not drink milk close to the bed sheets. To ensure that unpleasant odors don’t linger in the room, change their bed sheets frequently, ideally once per week.

Use A Room Diffuser

Using a room diffuser will improve the aroma in your baby’s nursery. It’s simple to use them. Simply combine water and your preferred essential oil. To avoid any risks, it’s best to hold off using one until your baby is at least three months old.

Air Purifier Or Dehumidifer

Certain unpleasant odors in a space can be exacerbated by dampness, which can lock in unpleasant odors. Toys, clothing, and other baby gear that is damp may be the cause of this. You can buy a dehumidifier if you reside in a humid environment.


A baby’s room isn’t all that different from other family members’ rooms in a house. But if your baby’s room starts to smell the worst, it’s a serious issue. You need to take action to keep the baby’s room smelling fresh.

If you feel that your baby’s room doesn’t smell good or isn’t fresh, I don’t think it’s a big deal right now. This problem can be easily solved by taking a number of measurements.

However, I covered all the essential advice for deodorizing and keeping your baby’s room clean and odor-free. As a result, your baby’s room will be clean, safe, and smelling good.  

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