My Babys Amazing Baby Gears Parent’s Choice Diapers Review 2023 – Is It Worth It

Parent’s Choice Diapers Review 2023 – Is It Worth It

Parent's Choice Diapers Review 2023 - Is It Worth It
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Parent’s Choice diapers are most likely on the shelves if you frequently shop at Walmart. These diapers from Walmart’s own brand are a very practical choice, and you can even find them on Amazon – ideal for top-ups without leaving the house!

What Are Parent’s Choice Diapers Made From?

Making sure the diapers you’re using on your baby are safe—for them and, ideally, for the environment—is more crucial than ever. In order to make it simple for parents and caregivers to make an informed decision, many diaper brands are realizing that they must be transparent about the materials they use. As a result, many now provide a complete list of ingredients.

Walmart appears to not list the materials they use on their website, which makes it difficult to determine what is actually in them without getting in touch with them. I’d always advise purchasing diapers from companies that provide a clear list of ingredients. Knowing exactly what we’re applying to a baby’s skin is important because diapers can contain a lot of nasty, hidden chemicals. When it comes to their diapers, Walmart only really says that they are hypoallergenic, latex-free, and fragrance-free.

Many diaper brands are adamantly and proudly touting their natural ingredients, avoidance of phthalates, avoidance of latex, avoidance of perfumes, dyes, and fragrances due to the fact that parents and caregivers have more options than ever and that more and more of us want what’s best not only for baby but best for the planet as well. It is challenging to pinpoint exactly what is used in their manufacturing and whether they are having any positive environmental effects because Walmart doesn’t specify that their diapers are free from dyes, fragrances, or phthalates.

Parent's Choice Diapers Review

Performance Comparison


Because absorption is weighted heavier than any other metric we test, the Parent’s Choice diaper performed above average in our tests for absorption, which significantly boosted its overall score. The diapers we tested were generally consistent throughout, suggesting consistent quality. From the images of the test paper, it is clear that there was little moisture transfer to the paper, which means the baby’s bottom should remain drier than it would with a lot of the competition.


There are numerous issues with this diaper, and its rating would have been lower if it hadn’t performed so well in tests of absorption. This diaper earned one of the lowest scores in the group for leakage, with a significant number of online reviewers complaining of leaks using this diaper. Due to the slow absorption of the liquid, our leak test results also showed a significant amount of runoff.

Walmart received appallingly low scores for its consideration of the environment and babies’ health, which is something we don’t like. There are steps that can be taken to make disposable diapers more environmentally friendly, such as using renewable resources or being biodegradable under the right circumstances. This diaper is not completely transparent about the materials and chemicals it uses, and it contains lotion and dyes. It appears to have been made with chlorine, which many high-end diaper brands are moving away from. Although it is fragrance-free, which is a plus, babies with sensitive skin may still react to the lotions added or to the dioxins left behind during manufacturing.

This diaper is uncomfortable, which is something else to dislike. This diaper didn’t impress with a comfort rating that was below average. The back has nicer elastic, and the motion points are not too rough, but the fabric isn’t soft, and the tabs can be a little bit poky.

Are Parent’s Choice Diapers Eco-Friendly?

Parent’s Choice is not the best option if finding eco-friendly diapers is important to you. Numerous diaper companies, including Ecoriginals, Dyper, and Eco Pea Diapers, can boast that their products are made from sustainably harvested plant-based materials and are partially biodegradable. As a result, fewer diapers will end up in landfills.

Other than producing diapers that decompose, some businesses also make an effort to reduce waste during production, even though they don’t produce compostable diapers. Mama Bear Gentle Touch diapers, an Amazon brand, recycle or reuse all of their production waste to lessen their impact on the environment.

Parent’s Choice diapers, on the other hand, don’t mention any eco-credentials in their description, so it can’t be said the same about them. Parent’s Choice diapers are not biodegradable, and it doesn’t appear that any plant-based materials are used during production, so it doesn’t appear that Walmart is committed to minimizing their environmental impact.

The absence of discussion of chlorine bleaching is the other obvious problem. Chlorine-bleaching really does have a terrible negative impact on the environment, which is why so many brands avoid it. As such, this is more of an environmental concern than a safety concern. The fact that Parent’s Choice diapers don’t provide any information on this subject makes me suspect that they may have been made using chlorine bleaching, even though other diaper brands will certainly brag about it (they may claim that they are completely chlorine-free or at least chlorine-free).

However, Parent’s Choice diapers are very affordable, which can’t be said for some “eco-friendly” brands. Even inexpensive brands like Mama Bear Gentle Touch diapers, though, are contributing.

How Well Do Parent’s Choice Diapers Work?

Of course, how well it works is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when choosing the best diaper for you and your baby. If your baby’s diaper is leaking and they are frequently having blowouts, it’s probably time to switch. A diaper may be the most environmentally friendly or “natural” option available. Parent’s Choice may not meet environmental standards, but what about their efficacy?

Although they lack any type of leg cuffs or barriers, as is frequently the case with some brands, if they are as absorbent as they claim, this should help prevent leaks.

Where Can I Buy Parent’s Choice Diapers?

Being a Walmart brand and thus available everywhere is a great feature of Parent’s Choice baby diapers. Even better, you can buy them online from both Amazon and Walmart’s websites. Being able to choose between having them delivered to your front door or picked up in-store when necessary is convenient.

Walmart Parent's Choice Review | Tested by BabyGearLab

Which Sizes Are Available?

If you decide Parent’s Choice is the right brand for you, they have a wide variety of diapers available, ranging from newborn (up to 10 lbs) to size 7 (41+ lbs), so they’ll see you through all of the diaper stages.

NewbornSize 1Size 2Size 3Size 4Size 5Size 6Size 7
Weightup to 10 lbs8-14 lbs12-18 lbs16-28 lbs22-37 lbs27 lbs & over35 lbs & over41 lbs & over

How Much Do They Cost?

Given that they are offered by both Walmart and Amazon, it is wise to compare prices before making a purchase. Of course, the cost will vary depending on the size of the diaper and how many are in the pack, but there’s no denying that Parent’s Choice diapers are incredibly affordable. The lowest price I’ve seen so far for a pack of newborn diapers is just 10 cents per diaper on the Walmart website!

On the Walmart website, prices for many sizes are comparable, with the exception of size 6 and 7, which are slightly more expensive at 17 and 23 cents per diaper, respectively. We’re still talking about affordable prices, even though some brands charge up to 60 cents for a diaper.

When it comes to pricing, Amazon and Walmart are roughly comparable for some sizes, with size 3 diapers costing 14 cents each. The best part about using Amazon for diapers is that they offer the Amazon Family Program on a variety of diaper brands and other baby necessities, which can result in savings of up to 20% if you sign up. Even though Amazon doesn’t provide this discount on Parent’s Choice diapers, they do on other brands, such as their own Mama Bear Gentle Touch diapers.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Parent’s Choice diapers have undoubtedly been tried and tested by parents and caregivers as evidenced by their impressive 5600+ reviews on the Walmart website. Are they suggested, though? They average 4.2 out of 5 in these reviews, which isn’t the best, but it’s not bad either, considering the number of reviewers…

It’s safe to say that the reviews are fairly split, even though the diapers do have a sizable number of 1-star reviews despite the fact that most of them are positive. When different facets of the diaper’s effectiveness have been mentioned favorably along with their review, Walmart’s rating system alerts you to it. So elements like price (97%), absorbency (91%), and quality (74%) stand out. on ad at ad more at ad more and more ad more ad more at at of critique, “s more ad more more ad more more) brands.

Given their capacity to soak up a lot of liquid, other users claim that they’re excellent for overnights. Also mentioned in the reviews is how incredibly affordable Parent’s Choice diapers are, which is of course their main benefit.

Parent’s Choice diapers have many benefits, but a lot of their 1-star reviews are a little alarming. Despite some positive reviews praising their absorbency, many users lament the products’ poor ability to keep infants dry. Some people even mention how their child’s diaper rash was brought on by this. It’s safe to say that opinions about their ability to stop leaks are divided because there is a lot of discussion in the reviews about baby clothes that are soaked because they can’t hold moisture.

It’s a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to Amazon reviews. Here, there are only about 70 user reviews, with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5. Again, the majority of reviews are favorable; users claim that they are incredibly effective for the price you pay, which is among the lowest on the market, but some people think they are shoddy and don’t fit their children properly.

What Chemicals Are in Parents Choice Diapers?

When companies hide the ingredients in their diapers, which we use on our babies’ sensitive skin every day, it is very upsetting. Knowing exactly what’s in them and what effects they might have on your child are more crucial than ever. Unfortunately, Walmart, the company that manufactures Parent’s Choice baby diapers, doesn’t provide an ingredients list, making it challenging to ascertain their safety.

The lack of knowledge regarding phthalates is a major concern. If you’ve read any of my other reviews, you know that I talk a lot about phthalates. You’re not alone if you’ve never heard of them, but there’s a good reason. I had no idea what these chemicals were before doing research on the manufacturing of diapers, but it turns out they can be quite dangerous and should be avoided whenever possible!

Dry All Night: Parent's Choice Overnight Diapers Review YouTube | Reviews  On Parent Choice Diapers |

Given that phthalates are utilized in a variety of commonplace products like cosmetics and kid’s toys (yes, sadly, this is true!), researchers have found that, if children are exposed to phthalates in the long term, this can increase their risk of developing asthma and eczema. That’s not all, either. According to studies, exposure can even cause boys to develop their genitalia differently. The use of phthalates in diapers is still not regulated by the FDA, despite numerous campaigns fighting for diaper manufacturers who use them to demonstrate that they are safe for infants.

Walmart does not explicitly state that its Parent’s Choice diapers are phthalate-free, which is unfortunate. But don’t worry; Mama Bear Gentle Touch, an Amazon brand of diapers, is an affordable option that is completely free from these chemicals. Mama Bear Gentle Touch diapers live up to their name when it comes to being gentle on our children’s skin because they are free of chlorine, perfumes, lotions, parabens, and phthalates. I highly recommend the Eco Pea or Dyper brands of diapers if you are willing to spend a little more money on an environmentally friendly, toxic-free brand. Both products are biodegradable and free of phthalates, chlorine, perfumes, and lotions.


Many parents on a tight budget might give Walmart Parent’s Choice diapers a try because they are affordable. Although it does a better than average job of absorbing liquids, it isn’t the best at stopping leaks and doesn’t have much else to offer. This diaper is less comfortable and less long-lasting than many of its rivals, is not environmentally friendly, and doesn’t take baby’s health into much consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions About Parent’s Choice Diapers:

1. What Company Makes Parent’s Choice Diapers?

Diapers from the Walmart brand, Parent’s Choice, are offered both online and offline. In terms of purchasing options, they’re pretty practical because they’re also offered on Amazon!

2. Is There a Recall on Parent’s Choice Diapers?

Regarding Parent’s Choice as a brand, you might have noticed some fairly unfavorable press in the past couple of years. Parents and caregivers specifically reported in 2018 that Walmart’s in-house brand of diapers was giving their kids chemical burns. However, when the diapers were produced, there were no recalls.

However, Walmart’s Parent’s Choice brand makes a variety of baby products in addition to diapers, including training pants, inflatable bathtubs, formula, crib sheets, and baby wash. It turns out that a specific variety of their formula was in fact recalled in 2019. Sadly, this was due to the possibility that it had metal in it. To its credit, the business at the time offered complete refunds for all purchases.

3. Do Parent’s Choice Diapers Have a Wetness Indicator?

The wetness indicator on Parent’s Choice diapers makes it simple to determine when your child needs to be changed. Although some reviews claim that they’re not great in terms of their absorbency, routine changing is so important because it can prevent diaper rash.

4. Are Parents Choice Diapers Hypoallergenic?

The FDA doesn’t have any control over Parent’s Choice diapers’ claim that they are hypoallergenic. Theoretically, every company could assert that their diapers are hypoallergenic without actually benefiting infants with sensitive skin. To ensure there are no harsh chemicals or extraneous dyes, lotions, or fragrances added that could give your child a rash, look for brands that list everything that goes into the creation of their diapers.

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