My Babys Amazing Toddler Care 54 Fun Ideas For Birthday Parties For Your 8-year-old Children

54 Fun Ideas For Birthday Parties For Your 8-year-old Children

Birthday Parties
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Making your children’s birthdays extra special might be difficult if you are having trouble coming up with 8-year-old birthday party ideas. Your child’s eighth birthday will be lavishly celebrated, and you can’t wait. Since they are here, this is a wonderful opportunity to express your gratitude. So, energize them by including entertaining themes, activities, and treats. At this age, they are incredibly enthusiastic and animated. To help kids develop their energy, creativity, and sense of fun all at once, we have listed all activities in this article. Take a look.

54 Fun Birthday Parties Ideas

Cookie Decorating

All you need are some plain sugar cookies, either homemade or purchased, frosting, sprinkles, googly eyes, and any other decorations you like.

Give the children access to the tablecloth, child-safe spoons, knives, and spatulas.

For the activity to last longer and the kids to hone their cookie-decorating skills, we advise purchasing 2-3 cookies for each child on your guest list.

Variation: Involve everyone in decorating a large white birthday cake or decorate cupcakes.

Nerf War

Plan a nerf war in the backyard if you have a lot of Nerf or water guns lying around or if you know that your child’s friends will be bringing their own. It’s certain to be a hit!

Movie Night

Nothing tops a classic film night at your birthday celebration. This could be a component of a sleepover or an “undernight” (when the children are picked up before bedtime).

Everyone should spread out their sleeping bags or blankets, make some popcorn, and turn out all the lights to make it extra special. You can also add treats like gummy bears to the popcorn to make it even more memorable. This is a particularly excellent choice for a small group.

Variation: Snuggle up on a blanket outside and enjoy an outdoor movie night.

Treasure Hunt or Scavenger Hunt

A simple treasure or scavenger hunt can be planned for your party guests if you’re feeling ambitious. Scavenger hunts go well with birthday party themes, so consider having one for your event. For instance, the Marauder’s Map theme could be used for a Harry Potter party.


One of the fun party games that everyone enjoys playing is pictionary. You’ll need a sizable piece of paper or whiteboard, and it might be helpful to pre-write some solid clues. To avoid unneeded conflict, we advise cooperating as a single team. Birthday celebrations are difficult enough; you don’t need any drama involving Pictionary!


A piata is available to purchase at any party supply store, including Walmart. The youngsters will enjoy trying to open it while wearing blindfolds in order to let all the candy out. You might want to purchase more than one piata, depending on the number of kids who will be attending your party.

Paint & Sip

Make your house into a painting and drinking studio! Give your party guests a canvas, some paint, and some fruit juices or soda so they can create whatever they want while they drink. They’ll have so much fun, and as party favors, you can give them a new paintbrush or a set of watercolors.

Variation #1: Plein Air Painting

A paper and some paint are all you need to get outside and start painting! The ideal location for this straightforward activity is your backyard or a nearby park. Draw or paint the nearby plants, such as trees, grass, and flowers. Painting your home is enjoyable and is made more enjoyable by art easels.

Variation 2: Mud Painting

Budget-friendly painting activities like mud painting are fantastic. Pick up a few unimportant containers, some plain paper, and a few used paintbrushes. Scoop a good amount of dirt outside into each container, then add some water and food coloring. If you don’t have food coloring, using plain old mud will still be a lot of fun. Dish soap is recommended in some recipes, but it’s not always necessary to avoid clothing stains. You’re prepared to mud paint now!


One of the traditional party games that will help break the ice and make everyone laugh is charades. In order to be ready, go over the fundamental instructions with the children, demonstrate the process for them, and make a list of possible scenarios.

Flag Football Game

A flag football game can be started in the backyard by ordering some flags to be worn around the waists of all partygoers. Having a football watch party before or after your game with wings, chips and dip, and soda might be fun if your party is taking place during football season and your kids are fans.

Backyard Campout

Who says a child’s birthday celebration needs to be difficult? A camping trip in the backyard will transport you to simpler times. Camp out in the backyard with everyone bringing their tent and sleeping bags. For a campfire, flashlight tag, and s’mores, extra points will be awarded.

Talk to parents in advance if you have younger children who have never slept outside.

Tug of War

All you need to mark the center is a big rope and a visible marker on the ground. The children should then be divided into two teams and positioned on either side of the rope. To push the opposing team’s center line, that is the aim.

Variation: Put two people on either side of the sprinkler, grab a rope, and tug!

Capture the Flag

An old-fashioned backyard game that older kids in this age range will enjoy is capture the flag.

Give each team a flag to guard after dividing the children into two groups. Any small object, including a bandana or a ball, can serve as the flag. The objective is to take the flag from the opposing team and bring it back to your side without being tagged. A large party with a lot of kids would be ideal for playing this game.

Birthday Parties

Tug of War

Simply mark the center with a large rope and a visible marker on the ground. Then divide the children into two teams, and set each team on a side of the rope. The objective is to drag the opposing team over the center line.

Variation: Put two individuals on either side of the sprinkler, grab a rope, and tug!


Turn on the karaoke and let the kids have fun! This goes well with a glow stick dance party, movie night, and sleepover or undernight.

Kickball Game

Four large objects should be placed as bases; have a pitcher roll the ball to the kicker. Try to navigate the bases like in a game of baseball. It’s popular on playgrounds!


Dodgeball is a simple game to set up because all you need is a center line to divide the teams and soft balls for the kids to throw. This is a fantastic activity for a big group.

Magic Show

A magician is a fantastic addition to a party with a magic theme. To ensure that they are a quality performer, be sure to read reviews from other parents. At any child’s birthday party, a magic show is sure to be a hit!

Soccer Shootout

Create two goals, then begin the soccer match. Do a soccer shootout instead! Set up two cones for your goal and mark a ten-foot or other desired distance to conduct a shootout. Take a shot after dribbling the ball! Try to make as many as you can in a given period of time.

Mad Science Experiments

Do you have a kid who would adore a mad scientist theme for a party? For your next party, check out this list of 75 incredibly easy science experiments that will blow your guests’ minds.

Bouncy House

A lot of fun is had in bounce houses. A poppin’ party can be created by renting one to place in your backyard or a nearby park. Just add some delectable food and entertaining music to complete the scene. It will be a hit with the birthday boy or girl.

Water Balloon Games

Water balloon games are the ideal way to cool off on a warm summer day. Here are 21 entertaining water balloon games that everyone will enjoy. Serve ice cream afterward!

Obstacle Course

This age group enjoys a good challenge. Gather cones, hula hoops, outdoor blankets, small stools, and any other tools you might need for an outdoor obstacle course. Run through each other’s times. Who can complete it most quickly? This is an easy and enjoyable exercise method.

Balloon Bulls Eye

The best party games include balloon bullseye. Several balloons should be attached to a vertical surface that you don’t mind getting damaged. Give each child a dart, then see if they can blow up the balloons.

Hula Hoop Fun

Play human ring toss with a hula hoop, or just have fun circling your waist with it! Get the Wham-O Original Hula Hoop Set of 3 Sizes, to fit your kids of all ages (and you!).

Sidewalk Chalk Mural

Use masking tape to cover the ground, a fence, or any other surface you plan to use for your geometric chalk mural in order to create a cool-looking mural. Create stained-glass-inspired geomatric shapes. When you remove the tape and color the shapes, a stunning geometric mural will appear.

Petting Zoo

You can hire an animal keeper to bring an animal to your house, or you can take the kids to a nearby petting zoo. For kids who love animals, this is fantastic.

Glow Stick Dance Party

Letting loose and dancing wild is one of the best parts of being a child. Turn off the lights, hand out a set of glow sticks to each person, and play some of their favorite tunes!

Paper Airplane Cornhole

The best paper airplane possible is made by each player. Next, alternate trying to land the aircraft on a bucket or other target.

Relay Races

Penguin Race

Place two cones or markers on either side of the yard. Each competitor in the race must place a ball (the “egg”) between their legs. How many laps can they finish in a minute? They must perform five jumping jacks if they drop the “egg”!

Egg & Spoon Race

On a spoon, place a small item like a marble or an egg, and place two cones or markers at either end of the yard. The first person in line must try to carry it all the way from the beginning to the finish line without dropping it, then return and tag the following person. Use objects from around the house, or use the cute and colorful Play the Wooden Egg and Spoon Race Game at

Hide & Seek

This timeless game is certain to be popular. The other players have 30 seconds to hide after one player covers their eyes. They start to pursue you after 30 seconds.

Keep It Up

See how long you can keep it in the air without it touching the ground using balloons or a light bouncy ball. The item is only touchable once in a row by team members. Every touch earns the team a point. It’s a really enjoyable game that anyone can play.

Sly Fox

As the Fox, one player stands apart from the other players. The other players approach the Fox slowly with the intent of touching their back before turning around to catch them. Before the Fox can turn around, they must silently or aloud count to ten in any speed they choose. All of the other players must “freeze” when the Fox turns around. The player must start over from the beginning once the Fox notices them moving or falling over.

Slip n’ Slide n’ Grab

The best way to get wet and wild when a pool party isn’t an option is to use a slip ‘n’ slide! Even better, scatter various objects along the slip and slide. As you slide down, try to grab them! A birthday party with a slip n’ slide would be ideal for any 8-year-old child.

Frisbee Toss

Practice your frisbee throwing. Each birthday guest should try tossing the frisbee into the bucket or laundry basket from various distances across the yard.

Climb The Ladder

Put a bottle on the bottom rung of the ladder that you just took from the garage. Take turns trying to topple a bucket or laundry basket filled with sock balls. Move it up one rung whenever you drop it down. How many throws does it take you?

Bowl Buckets

Bring some bowls outside and write the value of each one on a piece of paper before placing it in the bowl. Decide where each player should aim their throw, then see how many points you can score in a predetermined amount of time.


Everyone of any age can enjoy playing horseshoes. Simply fling the horseshoe at the stake to see if you can ring it around. Get this safe-for-kids Hey! Play! Rubber Horseshoes Set from


Your next party will be a blast if you play this timeless game. Start a tournament after splitting the kids up into pairs.

Three legged Race

See how quickly you can cross the yard by tying the left leg of one person to the right leg of another.

Freeze Dance

Your favorite music can be played loudly outside using a speaker. All of the people freeze when the music stops! You could also play the game musical chairs, in which case everyone would have to take a seat when the music stopped. every round, remove one chair.

Around The World

Bring a laundry basket outside, and place it against a wall outside. H.O.R.S.E is available to play., There is no hooping necessary for Around The World and Knockout!

Naturally, using a real hoop makes it more enjoyable. Check out this 43&Indoor/Outdoor Height Adjustable Basketball Hoop in prime on

Potato Sack Races

This yard race classic is a field day favorite. You can get classic double burlap potato sacks on

Flashlight Tag

Bring your flashlights to your next party and play flashlight tag, shadow charades, catch the light, flashlight limbo, or have a flashlight disco party!


Grab a pole, stick, or shower rod, turn on some limbo music, and start moving. Lungo games can now start! Kids of any age group will adore this activity. The game of limbo was invented on Trinidad in the Caribbean, so if you want to advance, buy some island-themed party supplies. Check out the GoSports purchases the Low Limbo Premium Wooden Limbo Game from

Lawn Bowling

Set up some bottles and use any ball for a DIY version of lawn bowling, or get an official set from that you can use for years to come.

Backyard Baseball

Play some ball with four big objects as bases in the yard!

Beach Ball Shot Put

By “pushing” the ball in the shape of a shot putter, you can make a throwing line in the grass from which to launch the beach balls. With a tape measure, calculate the distance of each throw and record the distance. Check to see who can throw the furthest!

DIY Twister

Right hand: Red! Blue on the left leg! Learn how to use paint to turn your lawn into a massive outdoor Twister game. See it on

Giant Jenga

The wooden blocks should be stacked and then taken out one at a time. The tower must not collapse! We like this set from Hey! Play! on because the pieces are large, but they aren’t so giant that they would hurt someone when they all come crashing down.

Alternative: You can choose a giant Memory Game instead of a giant Jenga game if you don’t have one or want to play a game that won’t break the bank. On large pieces of cardboard, use a Sharpie to write two of each letter or number. (Or, you could use a little imagination to create more original memory cards.) Play a massive game of Memory after you’ve spread out all the cardboard face down in your yard!

Ring Toss

Toss each ring around a peg that has a different point value. All summer long, you can have fun playing this timeless game! We like the Triumph Wooden Ring Toss Game from Blain’s Farm & Fleet because it’s super compact and disassembles easily.

High Jump & Long Jump Competition

In order to hold a high jump competition, choose a large tree or a safe area outside with no obstructions. As high as you can while jumping, do so. Measure each touch’s height with a tape measure and write it down. Who has the highest ability?

Find a grassy area in your backyard where you can jump around safely for the long jump competition. Everyone should jump from the same take-off line, which will be advertised. They should jump farther by bending their knees and swinging their arms. To find out who can jump the farthest, measure each jump with a tape measure.

Play Tag!

There are numerous ways to play the traditional children’s game of tag:

Stuck in The Mud Tag

The “it” person is selected by the players.” In order to escape the person who is “it,” they have five seconds.” To win the game, the “it” person has to run and tag everyone. A player who is tagged by the “it” person becomes immobile and stuck in the muck. Other players can crawl through the legs of trapped players to release them.

Freeze Tag

When a player is tagged, they must stay motionless in their current location. One player is It. If they are tagged by a player who isn’t an It player, they can be unfrozen.

Tunnel Tag

When a player is tagged, they must remain frozen in place and spread their legs apart to form a tunnel. A non-It player who crawls under the leg tunnel can thaw them out.

Bandaid Tag

When a player is tagged, they place their hand over the area where It touched them (as a “band-aid”). One player is It. They put their other hand on the new spot when they are tagged a second time. It becomes that person after being tagged three times.

Water Blob

Grab a tarp made of clear plastic and fold it in half. Close all three of the open sides with duct tape. To add water to the blob, leave a small opening. Once it is full, tape it shut. On your new water blob, everyone will enjoy sliding, jumping, and lounging.


This game requires five players, so the entire gathering can participate. Assign everyone a number, and choose one player to be “it.” The “it” person should then stand in the middle of the circle, toss a ball into the air, and call out one of the numbers.

Catch the ball and shout “Spud!” if you have that number.” When someone shouts “Spud!” everyone has to stop moving.” The individual can then approach any player in three large steps and attempt to strike them with the ball. The thrower receives an S if they miss or the player catches the ball. If they hit them, the person who was struck receives an “S” and becomes “it” as a result.

It is known as a “ghost number” if someone calls a number that no one has. If a ghost number is called, everyone must rush up to the ball and touch it. The final participant receives a letter for doing so. Spell out S-P-U-D using the letter that each player receives. You lose if you spell out “S-P-U-D.” The winner is the person who is still standing at the end.

Ice Skating or Sledding

Ice skating and sledding can be the ideal birthday party activities in a cold climate. Just add hot cocoa!

Happy 8th birthday to your child! For the purpose of compiling this comprehensive list of the top party games, we consulted parents, combed the internet, and used our own knowledge.

We wish you a lot of fun at your child’s party and hope you enjoyed these suggestions. Wishing them a very special day from here.

Tips For A Great Eighth Birthday Party

Planning ahead and becoming organized with a list of everything you’ll need to do before the big day will make things much easier, just like with any party. The following top advice should make everything go even more smoothly:

  • Child-to-adult ratio: Make sure to ask parents in advance if they can stay, or make that clear on the invitation, if you’re hosting somewhere that requires additional adult supervision, like a swimming pool. You should also determine how many adults you’ll need in advance. Plan ahead when it comes to how you’ll get there if you’re taking a group out on a day trip to a location like an aquarium or a farm. Ask a family member or a parent of one of your guests in advance if they’ll be able to assist with lifts if everyone won’t fit in your car(s). They will also be able to take part in the party if they stay.
  • Write down the gifts your child receives and who they’re from as soon as your child opens them. When the time comes to write thank-you notes, you’ll be glad you did!
  • On your invitations, specify a closing time. If you’re throwing the party at a scheduled location, it will have a time limit. But be sure to include a finish time on the invitations if you’re hosting somewhere else or at home. In this manner, visitors won’t overstay their welcome and all the parents will be aware of the pick-up time.
  • Seek the opinion of your child. Involving your child in the planning is a good idea because at this age, they will have a clearer idea of what they want to do and who they want to invite than they did in previous years. To add a special touch to their party, have them assist in creating the invitations or decorations.
  • Keep up your normal rules. Okay, a party is a time for children to have fun, but that doesn’t mean you should relax your standard rules regarding misbehavior. Going to a free room is a smart move if tempers flare up at a party because doing so will keep your child out of the spotlight. Make sure the birthday person goes to bed early the night before to reduce the likelihood that they will become agitated during the party.

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