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Can You Eat Burrata When Pregnant?

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The list of things pregnant women can and cannot do might be overwhelming. Listeria and other dangerous bacteria that have the ability to cross the placenta and harm a growing fetus can be found in raw sushi, submarine sandwiches, and several soft kinds of cheese. The suggestions can be unclear.

For instance, raw seafood rather than sushi itself may be dangerous. As long as it is prepared on a clean surface, cooked meat or vegetarian roll should be alright. The same may be stated for lunch meats; they have been sufficiently heated, like a toasted Subway sandwich. But cheese is a little more difficult. A soft Italian cheese called burrata has grown in popularity recently, but is burrata really burrata cheese safe to eat during pregnancy? 

What Exactly Is Burrata?

Fresh mozzarella makes up the surface of this delicious dumpling-shaped treat, which has cheese curds and rich cream inside. Due to the richness of this cheese, the name “burro” in Italian really means “butter.” Only room temperature burrata should be served, according to top formaggiaios (aka cheese experts). Burrata may seem like a challenging option for pregnant women for this reason, as boiling it up first is not an option.

So, can a pregnant woman put a burrata pouch on top of a bed of field greens? The experts say “occasionally” is the appropriate response.

Is Burrata A Soft Cheese?

Whether or whether burrata is a soft cheese is the second most often asked question regarding eating it while pregnant. In order to respond to this query, it is important to first understand what burrata is and why this particular query is relevant. Italian cheese is what this product is, as was previously explained. It is most comparable to Mozzarella in terms of both taste and appearance. 

But can we classify burrata as a type of soft cheese that expectant mothers should absolutely avoid eating? Soft cheese is not recommended for pregnant women to consume because it is known to be a major source of infection.

In order to respond to the query, burrata is categorized as a soft cheese. We should keep in mind NHS’s recommendation about soft cheese, which states that ingesting it is only permitted when it is manufactured from pasteurized milk if ladies want to enjoy burrata cheese while pregnant. [1: nhs] 

It is acceptable to presume that you should check that the cheese is prepared from pasteurized milk before considering consuming this product or ordering a meal that includes burrata. This brings up the following crucial query regarding this variety of Italian cheese. I recommend reading the post-Soft Cheese While Pregnant.

Is Burrata Cheese Pasteurized?

The southern Italian region of Murgia is known for its burrata.

Burrata di Andria was designated as a protected geographical indicator product in November 2016. Despite this, there is no law that mandates that Burrata cheese must be produced in Italy; it can be made anywhere.

Additionally, there are no regulations mandating that it be produced using pasteurized milk or cream. It is entirely up to the makers of each particular burrata cheese.

Given this, it does imply that burrata cheese in Italy may or may not have undergone pasteurization. Or any other nation where using unpasteurized milk and cream is a possibility.

It would be best to check with restaurants, shops, etc. before eating burrata abroad. 

It’s important to remember that FDA regulations require all burrata cheese manufactured in the USA to be made with pasteurized ingredients, which means it should typically be safe for pregnant women to ingest.

Burrata Cheese: Pasteurized Or Unpasteurized

You should avoid consuming non-pasteurized burrata cheese at all costs since, as the NHS and numerous other resources make clear, it is prohibited to eat non-pasteurized cheese while pregnant.

Nevertheless, when we discuss pasteurized or non-pasteurized cheese, we are actually referring to its primary component, milk! First of all, you need to be aware of all the risks unpasteurized milk may pose in order to comprehend why you shouldn’t consume burrata while pregnant. 

Especially for pregnant women, milk and its milk products provide several health and nutritional advantages. However, unlike typical pasteurized milk, raw milk poses major health risks.FDA claims that raw milk includes some pathogenic germs, and there have been numerous outbreaks linked to raw milk and soft cheese that we should be cautious of. 

To be on the safe side, it is crucial to always strive to consume pasteurized or ultra-heat treated (UHT) cheese and milk.

What About Cooked Burrata?

Burrata cheese can be served in numerous ways besides being eaten fresh in salads or as an appetizer. 

It is totally fine to consume burrata while pregnant if you are eating it cooked. This is because boiling eliminates the majority of bacteria, including listeria. 

The main drawback to cooking burrata is that it loses some of its flavors. 

If you are pregnant and unsure about any cheese you want to consume, don’t. Any bacteria will be destroyed if you heat them until they are steaming hot. 

If the smoked burrata was made with pasteurized milk, it is safe to consume while pregnant.

Since smoking does not sufficiently cook the cheese, it is not comparable to cooking and has no impact on the safety of the cheese. The ingredients in this kind of burrata cheese are what matter, and pasteurization is required to make sure they are safe.

How To Choose The Best Burrata During Pregnancy?

The second most frequently asked issue arises now that we are aware of what burrata cheese is and how to use it safely while pregnant: based on what we now know, how can we choose the best product to prevent the unfavorable effects of soft cheese? 

Although it originated in Puglia, Italy, burrata can be prepared anywhere, with any milk, and using any method. Therefore, when purchased or ordered from a store, this cheese is not always assured to be pasteurized.

When purchasing burrata, you may be certain of one thing by reading the label. All components used to make U.S. goods, particularly milk used to make cheese, must be pasteurized. Here are a few pointers for purchasing burrata while pregnant:

  • Eat burrata as soon as it is produced fresh whenever feasible.
  • Before buying a product, always check the label to be sure it was manufactured using pasteurized milk.
  • Make sure to eat commercial products before the expiration date if you’re using them.
  • When shopping online, pay attention to the shipping terms. It is advised to purchase fresh burrata from a neighborhood shop or deli.


As long as you exercise some caution, there is no reason you cannot continue to enjoy burrata cheese when you are pregnant.

Making sure that the burrata you buy and consume is made with pasteurized components will assist to minimize the chance of getting sick.

Due to FDA regulations, the chances of you consuming unpasteurized burrata are virtually nonexistent, particularly in the USA. 

The greatest suggestion is to make sure you’ve followed the right procedures to verify that the burrata cheese you’re eating has been pasteurized, then enjoy it!


Which Cheeses Are Off-Limits When Pregnant?

Avoid soft cheeses like Brie, Camembert, Roquefort, Feta, and Gorgonzola as much as possible. 

Is Mozzarella Cheese Safe To Eat When Pregnant?

It has been demonstrated by modern research that eating mozzarella cheese while pregnant is safe. 

Which Cheeses Don’t Undergo Pasteurization?

Brie, Camembert, Feta, Roquefort, Queso Fresco, and Queso Blanco are examples of unpasteurized cheese.

Can Burrata Be Consumed Raw?

Eat cooked burrata to prevent potential bacterial illnesses.

Scallops are safe to eat when pregnant.

Scallops are safe to eat during pregnancy. Just make an effort to procure fresh scallops, clean them carefully, and prepare them for cooking before eating. 

What Occurs If Unpasteurized Cheese Is Consumed While Pregnant?

Pregnant women who consume unpasteurized cheese may put their unborn children at risk for a lifetime allergy tendency. Unpasteurized cheese consumption during pregnancy can affect the infant’s immunity, whereas pasteurized cheese does not have this effect.

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