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How Many Cloth Diapers Do You Need For Babies

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It’s not a straightforward math problem to determine how many cloth diapers you need. There is no single correct response. The amount varies depending on the parent and what suits each family the best. You should, however, take into account your baby’s needs, how much you enjoy doing laundry, the kind of cloth diapers you use, how much convenience and cost are important, as well as other factors.

How Many Cloth Diapers Do I Actually Need?

Even though there isn’t a single, ideal number of cloth diapers, having a general idea of how many to purchase is useful, particularly if you’re not sure where to begin. It’s a good idea to start with 2-3 days’ worth of diapers. We advise using a minimum of 36 for newborns, 24 for infants, and 20 for toddlers. The exact number will depend on your baby’s age, your laundry routine, and the kinds of cloth diapers you use.

Factors That Effect The Number Of Cloth Diapers


How old your child is the first consideration when determining how many cloth diapers you require. Infants can urinate anywhere from once an hour to four to six times daily. They typically use 10-15 diapers per day, which is a lot. While toddlers (12–24 months) may only require diaper changes 4–7 times per day, infants (6–12 months) can go through 6–10 diapers per day.

These figures are only meant to serve as a general guide. Every child is unique, and no two days will ever be the same. Your baby will use cloth diapers on some days less than the typical baby his age, and on other days more.

Stash Size

It’s essential to stockpile cloth diapers. Although it may be expensive up front, you’ll quickly appreciate having enough cloth diapers to last between washes and to regularly rotate through your stock. Because you won’t need to wash your cloth diapers every day, your diapers will last longer because they will experience less wear and tear. When wearing diapers, your cloth diaper stash size can keep you sane and ultimately save you money.

So how many do you need? You should have 40–50 diapers on hand if you’re using a one-size diapering system. At that size, one child’s diapering years can be covered by your cloth diapers. You should even be able to use your cloth diapers for more than one child if you have a sizable stash and can rotate them! However, if you have a smaller supply, you can anticipate wear to show sooner (especially in Organic Cotton styles), and excessive wear may require replacing or repairing diapers.


The number of cloth diapers you actually need may ultimately depend on how frequently you intend to wash your diapers. Every two days is when we advise washing your cloth diapers. For two typical days plus any bathroom emergencies, you should have enough supplies on hand. In order to avoid washing a load of cloth diapers every day if you have a newborn, you may want to have 25 cloth diapers (10 per day for two days plus 5 extra emergency diapers).

The kind of cloth diapers you use could also affect this figure. You would need fewer covers than the suggested number of diaper changes because some cloth diaper systems, like our Hybrid system, only need the absorbent piece to be washed after a single use. However, if you have a larger supply, you can rotate the cloth diapers to give them a break from use and save time on laundry.

Are You Going To Do A Lot Of Laundry?

When determining how many cloth diapers you require, you should also take into account how frequently you are willing to do laundry.

We have firsthand knowledge that it is not advisable to wash cloth diapers every day. To prevent problems with ammonia, mold, and mildew, we advise washing your diapers every two to three days. However, some people choose to only wash their diapers once a week and still manage to get by.

To estimate how many diapers you’ll need, multiply the number of diapers you use each day by the number of days between washings. Then, add enough diapers for an additional day so that you have enough for the day that you are doing your laundry.

5. How Many Cloth Diapers Do You Need For Babies2

Which Diapers Are You Using?

Have you made a decision regarding the kind of cloth diaper you’ll be using? Contrary to what many people think, not all cloth diapers are created equal! Which accessories and how many diapers you’ll need will depend on the different kinds.

1. All-in-ones And Pocket Diapers

When using an all-in-one diaper, the entire diaper is made of one material. Therefore, you’ll need a brand-new diaper for each change you anticipate your child will require.

Although pocket diapers are made of two parts, the absorbent insert is not reached until the urine and feces have passed through a cotton layer. You will therefore need to change the entire diaper each time, but the liners you use to fill the pockets are typically bought separately. You might want to purchase extra liners so you can change the absorbency of the diaper.

2. Falts, Prefolds, And All-in Twos

You will swap out the absorbent portion of the diaper if you’re using flats, prefolds, or all-in-two (AI2) diapers. But unless things get really messy, you won’t need a new cover or diaper fastener for every change!

For flats and prefolds, a newborn only needs two to three diaper fasteners and about four diaper covers per day. Because covers and diaper fasteners are only required to be replaced if your baby’s mess gets on them or if urine soaks through them,

There is no layer between the absorbent insert and your baby’s bottom in AI2s, which are similar in that they snap into the cover. You won’t require a fresh cover for every diaper change if your baby only urinates and the diaper doesn’t leak. Just the insert needs to be changed.

3. Fitted With Covers

Prefold diapers and fitted diapers are very similar, with the exception that fitted diapers have fasteners on the absorbent portion of the diaper.

With these cloth diapers, you can reuse the same cover three or four times before washing it.

Fitted diapers are very absorbent and less likely to leak. This system makes it simple to change a cloth diaper thanks to the prefab shape and fasteners.

Create A Diaper Stash

While it is entirely possible to only have a few dozen cloth diapers and wash them daily, having more is advised. Similar to wearing the same pair of pants every day, their lifespan will be shortened by daily wear and tear from washing and wearing.

This is why you should have at least 24 cloth diapers in your stash. Since newborns use much more than toddlers do, having a larger rotation will help you to reduce wear.

When you buy cloth diapers in bulk, many companies give you discounts. If you purchase multiple items up front rather than waiting to replace worn ones, you will save money. The majority of cloth diaper sizes can range from newborn to toddler sizes.

How many cloth diapers are required, then? For the styles that demand them, it is generally agreed upon to use a minimum of 24 and 4-6 covers. You will require the same number of diapers for pocket diapers as you would for inserts.

How Often Should Cloth Diapers Be Washed?

The vast majority of people wash their cloth diapers daily or every other day. The maximum amount of time you should stay is three days (6). The first step is to perform a cold water rinse cycle on the diapers.

After that, wash them in hot water with a detergent made for use with cloth diapers. Add a second rinse cycle if you can if your washer has that option.

If not, repeat the rinse process but this time use a warm or hot water temperature. If they still have a urine or poop odor after the rinse, repeat the process. If at all possible, air dry cloth diapers outside in the sun.

Having extra diapers in your stockpile is a good idea because air drying takes longer. Even if you are unable to dry them outside, you can purchase a hanging rack or clothesline for use inside.

I used a hanging drying rack on my shower curtain rod while living in an apartment!

Always Have A Backup

Having a backup strategy is a good idea because you never know what could go wrong or stop you from doing your regular load of diapers. The water in my building was once shut off for the entire day due to a water main break when my second son was a newborn!

Additionally, things like losing power, getting sick, and simply forgetting things happen. It’s always a good idea to keep an extra stack of clean diapers on hand. Nobody wants to take a baby with them on an impromptu trip to the store or to the laundromat.

In case of an emergency, having a day’s worth of clean diapers on hand will reduce stress. The good news is that as your baby gets older, they will need fewer diapers per day, making extra diapers more convenient. One set per drawer, one set per wash, and one set per drying is the general concept.

What About Emergency Diaper Needs?

According to Murphy’s law, anything that can go wrong will. Boy, is that accurate—even when using cloth napkins. Perhaps you’re ill and confined to bed, or the pipes are frozen. Maybe the power goes out, or you go on vacation without washing the diapers.

The point is that unexpected situations can arise and prevent you from washing your diapers on time. Being prepared is the key to overcoming Murphy.


Based on your child’s needs and your laundry routine, you might want to start out with the bare minimum if you’re new to using cloth diapers. Once you’ve determined which cloth diaper designs suit your child and your budget the best, you can gradually add more to your supply.

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